Cloudstand - Australian based cloud hosting and services reimagined!

Cloudstand is Australia's newest integrated cloud services platform located in Ballarat, regional Australia's ICT Capital. Cloudstand aims to provide useful, no-nonsense, and user friendly cloud services. Cloudstand is backed by a team of professionals dedicated to ensuring that you get the best out of the cloud.


Web Hosting

Have a web presence your way, with tools you can use and control.

All web sites are the same, right? Well maybe not. We bring you an easy to use toolkit, all in the one place and at your fingertips. Utilising the cutting edge cPanel system with a variety of easy to install web applications and content management systems, you are sure to find something to suit your needs. Our systems are hosted in our own dedicated data centre facility right here in the heart of regional Victoria.

  • Easy to manage with cPanel
  • Hosted in Australia
  • Backed by a team of dedicated professionals
  • Local Australian support
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